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Benefits of ACT365
  • Integrated Access Control and Video Management
    • Access Control – Regulate access to protect staff and property.
    • Video Management – Live View and Video Playback.
    • Video Management – Live View and Video Playback.
  • Cloud Based Muster Reporting (Health & Safety)
    • Utilize real time muster reporting on a Tablet or a Smart Phone.
    • No need to wait for an emergency list to print.
    • Call employees from smart phone (IOS, Android).
  • Access from Anywhere, Anytime and on any Device
    • ACT365 allows the user to watch video footage, disable a user or open a door from any device at any time (PC, Laptop or Smart Phone).
    • Stay truly connected to your business wherever you are.
  • Multiple Sites
    • Manage all your sites and users from a unified friendly interface.
    • Deploying ACT365 across multiple sites is extremely cost effective. There is no need to purchase a local PC for each site.
  • No IT Investment or Headaches
    • No Server/PC required.
    • No backups required.
    • No costly IT resources required.